How do I know if I am under severe depression?

Depression is a treatable medical condition that can be easily diagnosed and treated. It affects at least 20 million Americans each year. Everyone has felt sadness or depressed at times, but true depression is characterized by a variety of long-term, persistent symptoms that make it difficult to live a normal life.
How do you tell if you have depression?

depression symptoms

These symptoms can vary from person to person. However, if you experience any of these symptoms, it is a good idea to see a doctor.

– Longevity of sadness

-Unexplained crying spells

– Sudden and significant changes in appetite and sleep patterns

– Anger and irritability, anxiety or worry.

– Pessimism, indifference
how do i know if i am under severe depression
– Energy Loss

– Persistent lethargy

– Guilty feelings and an unexplained feeling of worthlessness

– Indecisiveness and difficulty in concentration

– Unable to enjoy the interests you once enjoyed

– Social withdrawal

– Unexplained pains or aches

Extreme fatigue if you don’t do much

– Consistent and frequent thoughts of suicide/death

What to do to combat depression

Ask your doctor if you have been experiencing any of the above symptoms and they are affecting your family’s activities or work for longer than a week. A thorough physical examination (although you might have other health issues), and a complete clinical history are all part of this procedure. Be honest about how you feel.

Don’t even consider diagnosing yourself. You cannot also rely on a family member or friend to diagnose you. Only a trained doctor can diagnose depression episodes.

You can also use self-evaluation tools online to help you determine the severity of your symptoms. This could be helpful in preparing you for when you see your doctor. These tests can be used to better communicate your symptoms to healthcare professionals when you visit them. Online tests are not the same as a consultation.

Other people may experience depression as recurrent. This simply means they have depression episodes at least once per month or more often throughout their lives.

Don’t feel ashamed, embarrassed, or shy about your depression. This problem can affect people of all ages, races, social classes, and ethnicities. Depression can occur at any age. However, most people who are between 25-44 years old experience depression. You are not the only person suffering from depression. More than 20 million Americans suffer from depression every day.

You will eventually find the best method to treat depression if you persevere and are patient.

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