15 bad habits that you need to change

 Bad habits can severely hinder your ability to succeed. Bad habits can slowly creep up on you until you don’t notice the damage they’re doing. This is why people notice habits as it tells much about the other person.

Self-control is a key ingredient to success, according to research.

It also helps you build a strong work ethic, high productivity and a strong work ethic. Self-control can be compared to a muscle. To build it, you must exercise it. You can improve your self-control by breaking these bad habits.

1. Use your tablet, phone or computer while you sleep.

This is a huge problem that many people don’t realize. It can affect their productivity and sleep quality. The short-wavelength blue light can affect your mood, energy levels and sleep quality. This blue light is high in the morning sun. The blue light stops the production of the sleep-inducing hormone, melatonin, and makes your eyes feel alerter when they are directly exposed. 

The sun’s blue light dims in the afternoon. This allows your body to produce more melatonin, making you feel sleepy. Your brain is less sensitive to blue light and doesn’t expect it by the evening.

15 bad habits that you need to changeThe electronic devices including tablets, smartphones and laptops emit short-wavelength blue light brightly right in your face. This can reduce melatonin production, interfere with your ability to fall asleep, and also affect the quality of your sleep after you go to bed. Poor sleep can have devastating effects, as we all know. Avoid these devices after dinner. Television is fine for most people, as long as it is not too close to the set.

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2. Impulsively surfing the Internet.

According to studies, you need 15 minutes of consecutive focus before you can fully engage with a task. This will put you in a state of flow, which is a high level of productivity and happiness. Studies show that people who are in flow state are five times more productive than those who are not. So whenever you click something out of the context of your work, your focus breaks. And, this will take another 15 minutes to regain that flow.

3. Using phone in a conversation.

A quick glance at your phone or a text message mid-conversation can turn off people. Focus all of your energy on the conversation when you are committed to having a conversation. Conversations will be more enjoyable and productive if you are fully immersed in them.

4. Multiple notifications.

Multiple notifications can be a productivity nightmare. Research has shown that your productivity will plummet if you keep checking your email and phone constantly. It may seem productive to be notified each time a message arrives on your phone or an inbox notification, but it’s not. Instead of reacting to every notification, gather all your messages and emails together and check them at a set time (e.g. respond to emails every hour). This is a productive and proven way to work.

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5. You shouldn’t say “yes” when it is “no.”

According to research from the University of California, San Francisco, stress, burnout and depression are all more common if you can’t say no to people. This is a major setback in self-control. You should never be afraid to use the powerful word “No”. 

Emotionally intelligent people avoid using phrases such as “I don’t think I can” and “I’m uncertain.” Rejecting a new commitment honors existing commitments and allows you to fulfill them. Remind yourself that saying “no” is an act to self-control that you can do now. This will help prevent the negative consequences of over-committing.

6. Thinking about toxic individuals.

There will always be toxic people out around you. Instead of dwelling on a coworker or someone who makes you feel sick, try being grateful for the blessings in your life. There are many people out there that are worthy of your attention.

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7. Gossiping.

Gossipers often try to get pleasure from the misfortunes of others. While it may be entertaining to see someone else’s mistakes, it becomes exhausting and makes you feel bad for others. There are many positives and there is too much to be learned from other people than to spend your time blaming others.

8. You shouldn’t wait to take action until you are certain you will succeed.

Many writers spend hours brainstorming characters and plots. They even write pages that they don’t intend to include in their books. Because they understand that ideas take time to develop, they do this. Because we know our ideas may not be perfect and the quality of what we produce could be poor, we tend to freeze up when we are ready to start. How can you ever create something amazing if you don’t get started and allow your ideas to develop.

9. Comparing yourself with other people.

If your joy and satisfaction come from comparing yourself with others, you’re no longer in control of your happiness. Don’t let anyone’s opinion or achievements take away the feeling of satisfaction you have for something you have done. It’s impossible for you to ignore your reactions to other people’s opinions. However, you don’t have to compare yourself with others and you can always treat their opinions with a grain. This will help you realize that your self-worth is based on what you think and do. No matter what other people think about you at any given moment, one thing’s certain: you are never as good as or worse than they believe you to be.

You can strengthen your self-control and eliminate bad habits that could bring down your career by practicing self-control.

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10.Stress eating

Some People find the relaxation in their food. They often eat not because they are hungry, but to satisfy their emotional needs. It is only temporary and the same emotional void that drove them to eat, be it happiness or stress, comes back. This leads to over eating.

Overcome your stress eating today. Try to eat healthy and keep a healthy relationship with food.

11. Naysayers hanging out

Naysayers are the people who will always go against your ideas and goals that you want to pursue. We are our self-critics, so having someone by your side to support is a great help rather than surrounded by the ones who always say no to your ideas.

Spend less time with naysayers, and more with people who are supportive and give constructive feedback. This will make you happier.

12. Being late

Being late is not just rude to others, it also means you are running behind. You are rushing to get to the next thing, playing catch-up in your schedule, and need to apologize to everyone you meet.

Be punctualinstead of being late or tardy. You should aim to arrive 15 minutes before your appointment time and bring something to do during those 15 minutes. If the other person is late, you can extend this time period. This will allow you to stop playing catch-up and move ahead in your life.

13. Negative Relationships

Being in a bad relationship never let you grow in life. Your life, your goals everything suffers.

You will feel nothing but burn over and over & will definitely waste your time. It’s better to take an exit from such relationships and focus on yourself first.

 14. Don’t leave things to the last minute

It is not only harmful for your body but it can also be mentally draining because you are constantly in a hyper-tense state, anxious about whether or not you can complete your work on time.

Today, start on a fresh note. Instead of reacting to deadlines, plan ahead and identify what you need to do for the week.

You can use the extra time you have to stay on top of your tasks to plan your life and get more done.

15. The Negatives are the Focus

There are two options for how you can respond to any situation: either zoom down to the problem areas, complain about the situation, or celebrate the good things and work towards making them better.

While many of us recognize the importance of the latter, in reality we often do the former. But why? It’s easy to focus on the negatives and criticize others, but it doesn’t empower or inspire us.

Change your mind. For every negative experience you have, find positive things about it. Do this for a week and you will notice that your first instinct is to think positively, not negatively.


So these are the 15 bad habits that you need to immediately change. What is the one habit that you are struggling with and want to change? Let us know in the comment section.

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