rice water

rice water benefits for hair

For centuries, women in Japan, China, and Southeast Asia have used ricewater as hair treatments. Is rice water scientifically proven to have beauty benefits? In this blog you will learn rice water benefits for hair and how to use it to get shinier and thicker hair. Kim Kardashian’s DIY rice water recipe for thick and long hair …

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Best psychology tricks unveiled

best psychology tricks unveiled

They say that the mind works in mysterious ways. But who are they? What age are they? Why didn’t they just take a psychology class? Most things that involve the brain are not mysterious, in fact. Psychologists have finally found the answers to many of our greatest “mysteries” after centuries of studying brains and analyzing every movement of people. Everything …

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foot fungus and its cure

How to cure foot fungus

What is an athlete’s foot? Athlete’s foot, also known as tinea pedis or foot ringworm — is also known as athlete’s feet.  It is a contagious fungal disease that affects the feet. These infections can cause severe damage to the skin, hair and nails. Because it is often seen in athletes, the fungal infection has been called athlete’s feet. A …

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