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weight loss. Ayurveda deals with all the aspects of life. Body, mind, spirit. Through insight, understanding and experience Ayurveda gives vast amount of information on “the cause and their effects” for each unique individual. This is there because every individual’s body is different from other.

In this article you will learn Ayurveda’s approach towards a problem/disease in your body and weight loss. We are also disclosing a couple of ayurvedic herbs with their usage. This can aid you in your weight loss journey and make you slim and feel amazing.

The key signs and symptoms of illness are evaluated by the practitioner related to the imbalance and the origin in body.

To eliminate an imbalance, Palliative and cleansing measures are done. Suggestions to remove/manage the causes of imbalance are given.

An Ayurvedic expert recommends lifestyle change, a healthy diet and the uses of herbs, the purest natural ingredients to cure the imbalances.

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Ayurveda & weight loss

Ayurveda believes that you gain weight because of carrying unhealthy diet and lifestyle. There are some who eat abundantly, or one who take too much of stress. There are also people who do not exercise, sleep lately or sleep instantly after dinner. Such routine just bring the imbalance in your body. This lead towards the accumulation of fat and toxins inside the body.

Based on Ayurveda, obesity is considered as a problem of fat tissue and fat burning capacity. In this state, the fat cells increase and block all of the channels from the digestive tract. This lead to further weight gain. So, cut down the bulging belly. Ayurveda opens up the wonders hidden in herbs & the natural elements. It also stresses on the power of hot water.

Ayurveda proposes a few of herbal and natural treatments that may aid in reducing abdomen fat. You have to set these remedies along with exercises and a proper diet to guarantee fat loss.

couple of Ayurvedic herb that is highly beneficial in weight loss.

Methi (Fenugreek)

weight loss
Fenugreek seeds for weight loss

Fenugreek seeds (methi in Hindi) are highly beneficial for health ranging from regulating the blood sugar levels to digestive problems which also include bloating, constipation and loss  of appetite.

However, not many are aware of the fact that apart from so many different uses  this magical seed can also help you lose weight. Yes, it does

Rich in  vitamin A, vitamin D, iron, and soluble and insoluble fibers  fenugreek seeds have been used in various forms to battle a wide range of common ailments. These wondrous seeds can also facilitate weight loss when consumed in the right way.

Since fenugreek seeds are loaded with fibers, Galactomannan, which is a water-soluble component found in methi. It helps in curbing your appetite and keep you fuller for a longer duration of time. This also prevents you from binge eating or overeating or overeating. . it also increases metabolic rate of the body which helps in to reduce accumulation of fats in body

you can chew a teaspoon of methi seeds twice a day if the bitter taste is not a problem for you. Or soak 1 tbsp of methi seeds in two glasses of plain water and then leave them for night. It’s possible to drink this mixture in a empty tummy the moment you awaken, the next day. This will fight bloating and other digestive ailments and induce a feeling of satiety.

Before eating fenugreek supplements in abundance consult a medical practitioner first.

 Since these seeds contain chemicals which could stimulate contractions for pregnant and lactating women.

There is another method of consuming methi by roasting some of methi and then make the powder of it. Once you get up next day Take this powder with water empty stomach.

 Guggul (Commiphora Mukul)

Guggul mainly found in india, south asia and north Africa is used in Ayurveda from thousands of years. It is the traditional medicine of India, to take care of various health ailments. This includes arthritis, obesity, liver disorder, eczema, psoriasis and urinary tract ailments. Guggul is known as a weight reduction stimulant.

In regenerative medicine, Guggul can balance both the doshas and also clear the barrier of stations.

There is a substance in guggul known as steroid guggulsterone, which is known to suppress an enzyme central to the metabolism of cholesterol.

Guggulsterone  is said to promote weight loss by stimulating the body’s metabolism. It is a natural cholesterol-lowering herb.

Guggul tea very effective in many ways.

A 2008 study from the University of Georgia came to the conclusion that guggulsterone was able to trigger the breakdown of fat cells. These fat cells are known as lipolysis and spontaneous cell death called as apoptosis in certain types of fat cells.

You can apply guggle medicine to the skin as a paste or salve. You can also use it for gargling to promote oral health.

Possible Side Effects

If taken in moderation Guggul is believed to be relatively safe. Common side effects such as bloating ,headache, nausea,  hiccups, diarrhea, and vomiting could be seen.

Guggul may inhibit blood clotting and should be avoided in people with bleeding disorders. This is also not advisable for people who are on blood thinners medicines known as anticoagulants. 

Always advise your physician about any supplements you’re taking in order to prevent interactions complications.

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