12 signs of a bad friend

12 signs of a bad friend. There have been many friendships that went wrong. It’s not uncommon for us to be hurt before we recognize a good friend from a bad one. These are 12 signs that someone isn’t right for you. We have compiled our experiences to create a list. We encourage you to reconsider your friendships if any of these signs apply to you.

Let’s begin with 12 FRIENDSHIP SIGNS

1. Friendship is always one-sided

No matter what type of relationship you are in, it should always be two-way. If you feel that your friendship has become a one-sided affair, it might be time to move on.

“If you are putting your energy into someone else, it is not mutual friendship.”

All friendships should be equal. This means you should get as much as you give. It’s all about reciprocation and mutuality. You should ask them what you are giving up if you don’t get back as much.

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2. They betray your trust

12 signs of a bad friendTrust is an essential part of any type of relationship. Once it’s gone it’s difficult to rebuild.

In friendships there are minor and major betrayals which injure trust.

if the injury is minor and the friend who was hurt shows regret and has a plan to rebuild trust, they may be able to give the friend another chance.

However, caution should be taken. Friendship with major betrayals, such as cheating in business or stealing money might not be worth to continue at all.

3. They don’t keep your secrets

There must be trust to hold the secrets of one another. Many things you talk with your friends are not particularly private. If your friend wants to share these things with others, it’s likely fine. However, if you tell your friend that you don’t want to share a particular thing, a decent friend will respect that.”

You confided in a friend something, and your entire social circle is now aware.

Everyone can make mistakes and say things they shouldn’t. Even if you ask them to keep your personal information private, toxic friends may enjoy sharing secrets.

A person who constantly violates your trust is likely to not care about your feelings.

This is a malicious act and something that a friend would never do.

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4. When you say “no”, they will passive-aggressively respond.

There will be times in your life when you need to say no to a friend. It is important to observe how your friend reacts when you say no.

It’s not good if your friend respond in a very negative manner. A friend will support you and help you understand when it’s important to be yourself, not make it about them or be passive-aggressive.

5. They make you feel worse,not better

Friends make you feel better. You get this positive feeling being around them. 

If you notice that you feel worse every time you go out with a friend, it’s worth taking a look at the root cause.

It can be difficult to analyze behavior, but emotions are always truthful. Friends should be able to make you feel happy, supported and encouraged. And not leave you feeling miserable.

If this is not the case, it might be time to end your friendship.

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6. They always make fun of you in front of others.

Friends like to pull each others leg & joke with one another. A little bit of teasing isn’t necessarily toxic. Especially if you’re having fun.

If a friend makes you feel bad about yourself and constantly degrades you, regardless of whether they are using more subtle negating tactics, or just plain insults, it is likely that your friendship is not healthy. People do this because they feel inferior and want to use somebody else as a distraction.This is a good time to cut off your ties.

7.Insincere apology

When you talk to your so called friend for the rough or inappropriate behavior, they will either ignore your concern or say a cold Sorry!

Instead of considering your perspective, they either say “I’m sorry” or follow it up with a defensive, “but” and will put their lame excuses.

This is a sign that someone doesn’t care about how your actions impact you.

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8.Not happy with your achievements

A True friend will be there to help you succeed and will cherish with your achievement. He/she will treat it as their own success. While if you have a friend who doesn’t seem happy with your success then chances are they might be happy at your failures.

9. do things that get you in trouble

Be very clear in your mind that friends don’t make their friends do bad things. Even if they are into something bad, they will try not put you into that.

10. They don’t include you in things with mutual friends

We suggest that you distance yourself from the situation if it is intentional and occurs often. Sometimes it can happen by accident so it is important to talk to them before you jump to conclusions.

11. Compare you to other people

Do you have a friend who is always pointing out how you are not up to the other friends? In terms of your car size or apartment size or the wardrobe that you have? Or a statement like this “dress like my friend luke to look more cooler”. 

It’s less fun to hang out with them.

A good friend will see that everyone has their unique characteristics and differences. They will not compare you with others or suggest that you are less than someone else. They won’t try to pressure you into doing things that you don’t want to do.

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12 Always put yourself first.

There might be a friend in your list who can talk for hours about his/her own problems. After venting out, they may offer a token—And how about yours? before listening completely, they turn the conversation back to themselves.

True friends are more than just someone who takes. True friends offer empathy in all situations, good or bad, and they will also help you to deal with your worries.

Friends don’t pull you down & If you have such friends, then you need to think about it.


If you have such friends, then it’s better to not have them as they will not add any good to your life. 

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